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Edward Friedman
26 Court Street, Suite 1903
Brooklyn, New York 11242-1119
Phone: (718) 852-8849
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Brooklyn Civil Rights Lawyer

If you have suffered a violation of your civil rights, you need an experienced lawyer to stand up and fight for you in court. Brooklyn civil rights attorney Edward Friedman has 26 years of experience providing quality legal advice and representation to residents of Brooklyn and New York City. We stand up for the rights of individuals who have suffered civil rights violations due to mistreatment by law enforcement, including physical violence, harassment and discrimination.

Protecting You From NYC Police and Guard Misconduct

Residents of New York should not have to suffer police misconduct or malicious prosecution. If you are in jail, guards should take reasonable measures to protect you from jail assault by other inmates and even other guards. You should not have to be subjected to illegal stop and frisks.

You have constitutional rights, and we can help you protect them. If you have suffered a violation of your civil rights at the hands of a law enforcement officer or guard, our firm has the necessary skill and experience to help you seek justice and compensation for the harm you suffered. Additionally, if you have uncovered evidence that your company is involved in fraud against the government or is endangering the public welfare, we can help with your whistleblowing case.

Contact an Experienced Attorney

If you have suffered a civil rights violation in New York City, contact the office of attorney Edward Friedman about your rights and your options. We are available any time by appointment.