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Jail Assaults in New York

It is illegal for guards or corrections officers to use unjustifiable and excessive force on inmates. They also cannot put a prisoner in a position where he or she is likely to be assault by other inmates.

If you were injured in a jail assault caused by a guard, attorney Edward Friedman can provide you with the skilled representation and advocacy you need. He has 26 years of experience handling civil rights issues throughout New York City, including cases of excessive force and negligence by guards.

Contact the law office of Edward Friedman to discuss your case. His experience is your greatest asset.

Brooklyn Attorney Handling Physical and Sexual Abuse Cases in City Jail

You have a right not to be assaulted by a corrections officer or guard. Additionally, a corrections officer cannot be deliberately indifferent to your safety while you are incarcerated.

We have helped clients who have suffered injuries as a result of a guard's negligence, including situations involving:

  • A guard knowingly locking up an inmate with members of a rival gang
  • Handcuffing an inmate and placing him or her in a cell with other inmates who are not handcuffed
  • A guard failing to break up a fight between prisoners in a reasonable amount of time
  • Placing a nonviolent inmate in a cell with an inmate who is known to be violent

We represent clients who have been injured at Rikers Island, in adult and juvenile detention centers and in holding cells. From physical abuse to sexual assault, we will help you stand up for your rights and bring a claim against those who are responsible for your injuries.

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If your civil rights have been violated through physical violence by a guard or deliberate indifference, contact the office of lawyer Edward Friedman. We are available any time by appointment.