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Brooklyn Civil Rights Lawyer

Our civil rights guarantee us protection from prejudice, unlawful discrimination and governmental oppression. Unfortunately, our rights can be violated in several ways and on a daily basis. Attorney Edward Friedman has 26 years of experience finding justice for clients whose civil rights have been violated by corporations or law enforcement.

If you are the victim of civil rights violations, you feel upset, angry and frantic to have your sense of justice restored. The law firm of Edward Friedman takes great pride in helping people who have suffered these types of violations. You can count on us to remain accessible, responsive and professional throughout your case.

Discrimination and Racial Profiling by Law Enforcement in New York

We believe that the notion of civil rights is the foundation of all of our freedoms. Our firm stands up and fights beside those who have had their rights violated based on a shared outrage and a mutual desire to see justice restored.

If your civil rights have been violated, you have lost your sense of justice in the world. Brooklyn civil rights attorney Edward Friedman can help you.

Edward Friedman provides legal advice and representation to residents of Brooklyn and New York City who have suffered a wide range of civil rights violations, including:

While this list might represent the types of civil rights cases we see most frequently, we encourage you to contact a civil rights attorney if you have any questions regarding your rights or freedoms.

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If you have suffered a civil rights violation in New York City, contact the office of lawyer Edward Friedman. We are available any time by appointment.