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Brooklyn Whistle-blower Lawyer

Bronx QUI TAM Lawyer

If you uncover information or proof that your company is defrauding the government or endangering the public welfare, contact an experienced attorney immediately.

The law office of Edward Friedman provides quality representation to residents of Brooklyn who become involved in whistleblowing. We have found that there are two types of whistleblower cases:

  • Private corporations: Most commonly, individuals uncover information that casts their corporation in a negative light. Often, these companies have committed fraud against the government in regards to medicare billing or defense contracts. Sometimes, these practices can result in multimillion dollar frauds. Individuals contact an attorney to file a claim with the federal court. A whistleblower who exposes fraud on the government can bring a lawsuit on behalf of the government. He or she can then receive a share of the recovery as his or her reward. This is the notion of qui tam. The whistleblower would be entitled to a percentage of the total amount that the government recovers from the corporation. These cases have many complex components to work through. Edward Friedman has worked diligently through his 26 years of experience in practicing law to create a network of experts and professional colleagues who will assist in the more complex aspects of a whistleblowing case.
  • Labor law: Another form of whistleblower case occurs when an individual is fired for divulging information about a corporation. Usually these companies are committing fraud or endangering the public welfare. When a civic-minded employee uncovers this information and reveals it in the public's best interest, that employee is often retaliated against, fired, for divulging information that the employer wants to keep hidden. These cases are handled in state court, and can be the more difficult of the two whistleblower cases to resolve.

The law firm of Edward Friedman has the experience and knowledge necessary to help guide you through your case and to ensure whistleblower protection. If you find yourself in a situation where your company is defrauding the government or endangering public safety, contact a Brooklyn whistleblower attorney immediately.

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